YungKirst my Journey from Fine Art to ellesse designer.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Kirsten Morgan Webb give us an inner look at her ongoing creative journey.

Kirsten Morgan Webb

" I am Kirsten Morgan Webb. I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth. A quiet, boring town in the Eastern Cape. I got through it by immersing myself in music, art and film from a young age. Growing up, and while a teenager, I hated school but kept myself busy. I experimented a lot with learning to play instruments and doing creative projects.

Initially I thought I wanted to be an artist, and went to Rhodes to study Fine Art. But most of my art projects were heavily centered around fashion, and I realised that is what I was meant to pursue. I dropped out of Rhodes, and started waiting tables so I could go to fashion school. I moved to Cape Town and started the most stressful, but most fulfilling next few years of my life.

I am currently designing ladieswear and mens accessories for ellesse and I am loving it. I work with some amazing people and I am learning so much.

I hope to start my own clothing brand one day, a dream of mine since my first day of fashion school. I plan to evolve my graduate collection,

Filthy Magick, into a locally-made, inclusive clothing line with quality pieces that aren't necessarily the minimalist beige hemp pieces you'd expect from an eco-minded brand.

I literally never take pictures of myself,

so here's an old one if you need a photo!

Follow me as my creative journey continues........

@yungkirst - my poorly updated personal instagram page. @filthymagick - an archive of my graduate collection (2017). ellesse - the brand I currently design for. 

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