The Golden Collective

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Creatives collaborating to create work that tells the African story.

The Golden is a continuous photo shoot that aims to explore fashion and art in both the modern and traditional style.It compromises of young African creatives who are devoted to their crafts,respectively,and who's visions are aligned with creating a Rainbow nation of Africa as a whole.

Every shoot under The Golden Shoot is themed and has it's own purpose to present to the global village.A few themes explored are as follows,African Tradition - Fashion,Street Culture - Fashion,Gender fluidity and Futuristic Art, just to name a few.

We hope to inspire upcoming generations to believe and be prideful of their origins and to always express every artistic idea, even if it seems crazy because "craziness" is what drives the artistic.

@orire.indie (model)

@mandinah_london (model)

@all_eyz (clothing designers/stylist)

@sakhy.k (make-up)

@accessoriesroyalty (jewelry)

@nkanyisothephotographer  (photographer)

@cho_kawaii (make-up)

@father_afrique (editor)




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