Hip Hop is Alive in Venda: Gee D’Art

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Venda born Producer/Songwriter/Dj is keeping Hip Hop alive in Venda.

Gee D’Art

Born in the small village of Malavuwe me and, Dad & Mom and moved to Johannesburg two years after I was born. We lived in a flat in Berea which was the crime capital of the world at the time; I saw a lot of violence at a very young age. In the year 2003 we moved to Bloemfontein and this is where I fell in love with deep house music we moved back to Johannesburg in the year 2009 and I met DJ Ges Wat who is the founder of a group called Soul Tribe co-signed by DJ Gayani , and he is the one person who taught me how to make beats , I would rush home after school every day just to make beats because I was stealing my Dad’s laptop cause I didn’t have a laptop at the time and by 4pm he is back home so I had to make as many beats as I can every day ,I feel like that’s why I learnt so quick ,I was making 5 beats in the space of 2 hours.

After Matriculating at Allen Glen High School in 2013 I then enrolled into Milpark Business School during 2014 and I was still making beats at the time. I signed with a Label Beats Audio Graduates during the year 2015 and this was a big break for me I didn’t do much music work for them but through socializing and networking through a huge event they hosted during winter called “Annual Mental Shutdown” in Venda.I was able to meet a lot of upcoming artists and people who helped shaped me into the artist I am today.

I met Bokbeats very influential brand personality/DJ who ended up becoming my manager from the year 2016-2017, He took me from artist no one knew of back home and now everyone is familiar with who Gee D’Art is and also rubbing shoulders with a few mainstream artist such as Frank Casino and Una Rams ,Maitele Wawe just to name a few. Sept 16 we dropped my debut project Under Pressure and it was a huge success it reached a total of 3 000 + streams in the 1st two months of release and I managed to put together a mini Venda tour.


Dropped debut Project “Under Pressure” Online Article


3000K + streams First Two Months

Produced For:

King Lutendo


Aminu Pablo

Vee Mason

Many more.



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